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ZETRENNE ABOGADOS offers legal advice on Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Civil Liability and Traffic Law. It also offers legal advice on Industrial Property and New Technology Law, Data Protection, among others.

We serve our clients in five languages ​​(including English, French, Spanish, Italian and Catalan)

ZETRENNE ABOGADOS strives to offer eminently practical solutions to the legal problems of both individuals and companies in the matters in which it advises.

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Labor and Immigration Law

Banking and Real Estate Law

Insurance Law

Criminal law

Practise Areas

Labor and Immigration Law

ZETRENNE ABOGADOS offers legal advice on any matter related to Labor Law and, in particular, we advise and defend you in relation to:

-Layoffs and resignations
-Condiciones de trabajo en la empresa
-Judicial and extrajudicial claim of amount
-Occupational disease
-Challenge of medical discharges
-Work inspections
-Workplace Harassment
-Recognition of rights, etc.
-Likewise, we offer legal advice on any matter related to aliens and Immigration, both for individuals and companies.

Among others, we could advise and help you in the following matters and procedures:

-Residence permit
-Stay for studies
-Initial work permit
-Community family permit
-Expulsion procedure
-Social roots
-Work roots
-Any other necessary procedure before the competent authorities.

Banking and Real Estate Law

ZETRENNE ABOGADOS can advise and defend you in matters related to malpractice and improper marketing of financial products (preferred shares, bonds, swaps, etc.), as well as any kind of matters in which a client is a victim of the inclusion of abusive clauses in their contracts with a bank.

Among others, we could advise and help you in matters related to the following matters:

-Floor clauses
-Claims for mortgage expenses
-revolving cards
-Claims of abusive bank commissions of all kinds
-Reverse mortgage
-Hipotecas multidivisa
-Nullification of mortgages due to incorrect appraisals
-Unfair terms
-Nullity of guarantees
-Stop auctions and foreclosures, etc.

-Likewise, we offer legal advice in relation to:
-Purchase contracts
-Construction defects
-Contractual breaches
-Termination of contracts
-Foreclosures for non-payments, etc.

Finally, we provide advisory services to homeowner communities in everything that affects the community (especially claims against defaulters and challenges to agreements adopted by the community).

Insurance Law

ZETRENNE ABOGADOS advises you in relation to claims for compensation arising from accidents, negligence or malpractice, as well as any type of claim for civil, contractual or, where appropriate, non-contractual liability.
We offer legal advice mainly regarding insurance policy claims of:

-Fire, etc.

Criminal law

En ZETRENNE ABOGADOS We can advise and defend you in matters related mainly to online scams and any crime against property.
We can also advise you in matters related to the following crimes:

-Illegal detention
-False criminal accusation
-Breaking and entering
-Breaking and entering
-Illicit drug trafficking

Legal Team


Eli Dimitry Zetrenne


During his professional career, Eli Dimitry Zetrenne has been trained in several national and international firms of recognized prestige in Spain, advising both individuals and companies. Likewise, he has intervened in different kinds of procedures in matters of Banking Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law and Transportation Law. 


Iván Tirado González


Graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​he soon specialized in Civil Liability and Traffic Law. His career has passed through the most outstanding offices in the processing of claims and traffic accidents. With a strong winning mentality and solid training, he has studied, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the first consultation, the client details his need and we collect all the necessary data to be able to assess a possible solution to his case, as well as to provide him with the budget to take care of his case.

Los abogados somos profesionales libres y, por tanto, no existen honorarios previamente fijados para todos los casos, ya que dependen de varios factores.

Ahora bien, en ZETRENNE ABOGADOS ofrecemos siempre al cliente un presupuesto previo sin compromiso donde se detallan las diferentes actuaciones judiciales o extrajudiciales que hay que realizar y el coste de las mismas.

No obstante, en los procedimientos de reclamación de indemnizaciones de accidentes de tráfico nuestros honorarios están vinculados con el éxito de la reclamación económica contra la empresa aseguradora del vehículo causante del siniestro. Será un porcentaje de la indemnización que el cliente reciba de dicha aseguradora.

It is important to have the advice of a lawyer not only when there is already a lawsuit but also prior to its existence, since it can help both to avoid litigation and to reduce the negative impacts that they may cause.

Leave us your information and we will call you in the time slot you indicate.

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